5.5 Inch Hair Cutting Scissors

5.5 Inch Shear measure
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Things to Consider when Purchasing
Hair Cutting Scissors

The scissors you use are your most important tool.  Most of the hours you spend in the salon or barber shop is behind the chair with scissors in your hand.  They should:

  • Fit like a hand in a glove.  Before you purchase a “long” shear, consider how you will use it and will it be comfortable for a long day cutting hair.
  • Be an extension of your hand.  Your movements should be effortless and natural. (An effortless cut is why we recommend thumb swivel hair cutting scissors)
  • Match the feel with the motions and angles required for the perfect hair cut.
  • Purchasing your most important tool is not the time to “pinch pennies.” Quality costs money upfront.  You will find however, money spent on the front side will ultimately save on the back side.
  • Poor quality steel will not hold an edge.  You will spend more on sharpening than you saved buying a poor quality hairdressing shear.  I can’t tell you how bad I feel when professional hair cutters tell me they only have scissors sharpened once or twice before throwing them away and buying a new pair.
  • Yes, it is hard to find a place to get a good sharpening.  All that changed with the invention of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System.  This patented  machine will put your scissors back to the original factory specifications.
  • If there is not an authorized Diamond Rose sharpener in your area, mail your dull or damaged scissors to our Diamond Rose Service Center for sharpening.
  • You can afford the best quality if you take care of it and have it sharpened on the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System.  “Better quality shears – better in-salon care and better sharpening equals the best buy, best cutting performance, and you will do your best cuts for your clients!!