About Diamond Rose Shears
Providing hair cutting scissors and hair styling shears
thinning shears, left handed scissors, dry finish shears, thumb swivels and ergonomic Japanese style scissors and shears to professional hair cutters

WL & Coleen Laney founded Diamond Rose Shears, LLC in 2004 . From the very beginning our goal has been to meet the needs of professional hair stylists and barbers with the best quality hair-cutting shears and precision sharpening services.

Our first order of business was the need for a sharpening system that would not damage your scissors in the sharpening process.  WL spent a year researching the availability of a machine that would match the factory specifications.  There was none to be found even after a world-wide search.  All the “grinder” style sharpeners destroyed the convex edge on the Japanese style shear (which is what 90% of the industry uses),  the flat-hone (water-hone) machines destroy the 800 mm radius which is what holds the hair in place when you cut a section of hair.

In November of 2006 the US Patent Office granted patent number US 7,118,466 B2 for the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening system.  Today, you can have your scissors sharpened by one of our many distributors or send them to our service center in Chandler, Arizona to be returned to their original factory specifications.  Oh yes, they will cut like a hot knife through butter.

WL & Coleen Laney

For all your new shear needs and precision sharpening for your scissors as they get dull, please contact Diamond Rose Shears.  We are here to serve you!

Diamond Rose Shears Partners

William Laney, our founders son, is in charge of our service center.
William's wife Amber handles all our scissors payment plans. If you have any questions or needs please call 303-217-8660.
William & Amber Laney