Customer Service for Beauty Salons

Customer Service for
Beauty Salons

In today’s business world it seems that “customer service” has become an Oxymoron.

For the beauty salon in a market flooded with franchise shops, high end salons and a seemingly endless group of independents as well as the individual stylist working in one of the many salon suites customer service can make or break your business.

As a hair salon owner or manager there is a tremendous opportunity to capture more than your share of the market.  Establish a set of procedures aimed toward making every customer’s experience on they will never forget.  Start with the greeting from the receptionist.  Make it a heartfelt, warm “we are glad you are here” greeting.  Making you customer wait without even an acknowledgement of their presence is a sure way to get started on the “wrong” foot.  If your customer will be waiting for their stylist, be sure your waiting area is clean, comfortable and filled with publications dealing with hair care and hair styles.

Moving on to the chair, be sure each stylist takes the time to determine exactly what the customer (client) wants accomplished on this visit.  While communicating with the customer is part of the job, be sure to avoid “touchy” subjects and spend more time listening than talking.  It is true your client (customer) may want to talk about their problems, they don’t really want to hear about yours.

You may want to consider having a class on how to finish a hair style with a quality pair of “Dry Finish Shears” such as the Musashi MR6 dry finish shear so your customer can leave the salon with a finished style that they are extremely proud to wear.

Yes, we all want to sell products.  Try to limit your sales pitch to the product you used on your customer and an explanation of why it is important to achieving the same results at home.

For the individual stylist, you can build your personal clientele base with the same steps.  You can’t usually change the waiting area if you do not own the shop.  But, you can exercise the other steps to insure your customer/client has an enjoyable time in your chair and leaves with more than the were expecting in the areas of comfort and end result with the hair style they had envisioned.