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WL Laney's Personal Message


I am the founder of Diamond Rose Shears, Musashi Shears, Sayuri Shears, and the inventor of the patented Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System.

Will you allow me to be your go-to-guy for scissors sharpening and new shears as needed?

As the former owner of 24 beauty salons with 200 stylists working, I am well aware of the problems you can face finding quality shears to acquire and where to go for scissor sharpening services.

Our commitment is to provide quality shears at an affordable price. No hype, just products, and services you can trust.  We offer a money-back customer satisfaction promise, a lifetime warranty and include shipping on all orders above $300.00

Sample Shears

mr3 5.5 sm.jpgMusashi MR3 Thumb Swivel

The MR3's double floating thumb swivel, narrow stance, and removable finger rest combine to produce the most comfortable and effective tool for stylists. This shear is available in a 5.0, 5.5 & 6.0-inch length.  Guard your health and your career with a thumb swivel shear to reduce the pressures thought to cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Click Here for more info and easy payment pricing.


sayuri s24 5.8 sm.jpgSayuri S24 5.8

The unique design of the Sayuri 24 5.8 inch hair cutting shear delivers control and precision cutting for the demanding professional haircutter.  Made with Japanese 440C steel, you can expect enjoyable cutting for years to come.  Click Here for more information on this premium quality shear.


musashi mr6 6.0 sm.jpgMusashi MR6 Dry Finish


There are a lot of reasons for cutting hair dry.   I think the most important is the control dry hair cutting gives you.

 If you cut your client's hair while it is wet, you are more likely to take more length than your customer wanted off.  Wet hair stretches from the water and then shrinks up as it drys.   If the client wants a half-inch off, taking a half-inch off while the hair is wet is likely to look more like an inch when dry – unhappy customer!

 Using a Dry Finish Shear and cutting the hair dry allows you to see exactly how it will look after the client drys their hair at home.  You will be able to see how the hair will naturally lay around cowlicks if you use dry hair cutting scissors.

 Try one of our Dry Finish Shears today, and you will be glad you did.  The only question will be why you waited so long to get the right tool for the task.  Click here for selections, pricing and no-interest payment plans, testimonial and training videos.

Scissor Sharpening Services

Never worry about your scissors being damaged or ruined again.  Click Here

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Learn All Your Benefits Purchasing a Shear from Diamond Rose Shears
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Our special is an example of the quality hair cutting scissors and shears available for hairstylists and barbers

"No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist." --Anonymous

"What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise." --Oscar Wilde

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes a lot of makeup to look natural.” (Calvin Klein)

“If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.” (Iris Apfel)

"What's the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable." --Anonymous

“Improve your selfies, see your stylist.” (Anonymous)

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” (Anonymous)

Diamond Rose Shears was founded by WL and Coleen Laney to provide premium quality hair cutting scissors and shears for an affordable price.

At Diamond Rose Shears, hair cutting scissors must begin with a top quality steel, the manufacture process must meet our rigorous standard.  If the individual hair cutting scissor will not perform fresh out of the box and last (with proper care) for years to come we will not  offer it for sale.

Many companies look for the low ball price to sell their hair scissors with no regard to the quality or longevity of the individual pair of hairdressing shears.

At Diamond Rose Shears we believe in quality that will stand the test of time.  As a proof of selling quality hair cutting scissors, we have sharpening customers who purchased their hair styling scissors from us fifteen years ago and are still using their hair scissors every work day and getting them sharpened on the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System to keep them working as good as the day the purchased the hair cutting shear of their choice  more than 15 years ago.

Always have your favorite pair of hair shears sharpened on the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System to keep the shears cutting perfectly.


We provide a lifetime warranty on all our hair cutting scissors and shears.  To date we have needed to replace less than one percent of our sales of our hair cutting shears due to a factory defect.


On the other hand, we have seen many of our scissors damaged or ruined by another sharpening system other than the patented Diamond Rose Superior scissors sharpening System.


Please take care of your hair scissors and shears by having them professionally sharpened by one of our authorized scissor sharpeners or send them to our service center. 


We will return our premium quality hair cutting scissors to factory new.  We can also repair other brands of hair scissors on our scissor sharpening system.

Recently we added the Sayuri Hair Cutting Scissors to our portfolio of quality hair cutting scissors and shears.


Our Sayuri Brand meets the same high standard of our Musashi Hair Cutting Shears.  Made with Japanese 440C steel with both cobalt and molybdenum alloys to provide strength and durability to each pair of professional hair cutting scissors and shears we offer for sale.


Watching the hair stylists and barbers eyes pop wide open when they first see our extensive selection of premium quality hair cutting scissors and shears is a delight second only to the testimonials ten years later when customers tell us how much they love their hair cutting scissor or shears.