How to select the right hair cutting shear

How to select the right pair of
hair cutting shears

The right tool for the job is never more important than when you are a professional hair cutter.

  1. Hair cutting scissors come in many different styles, lengths and for different cutting applications.
  2. In addition to design you must also consider steel quality.  Buying an inexpensive pair of scissors will undoubtedly cost you more in the long run.  Low quality steel in salon scissors will not stand to test of time. It will not stay sharp as long as hair shears made from quality steel, so you will have to sharpen it more often.

The hair scissors you choose should be an extension of your hand.  It should fit so comfortably you don’t feel any pressure on any part of your hand.

Choosing a thumb swivel hair cutting shear will relieve the pressure thought to cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  In addition to protecting your health, the right pair of hair cutting scissors can protect your career.

A premium quality shear such as the Musashi or Sayuri brand can make your job easier and reduce the fatigue felt at the end of a long day behind the chair.