Sayuri Shears Premium Hair Cutting Scissors and Shears

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The Sayuri S19 is fashioned with 440C Japanese steel.

This shear fits so well in your hand, you will forget it is even there -

Smooth action and precision cutting

The Sayuri S14 Dry Finish Shear is forged in Japanese 440C steel with cobalt and molybdenum alloys added for strength and durability.

This shear has an ergonomic handle for your comfort and cutting pleasure.

A Lifetime Warranty and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee are included with your purchase.

A Premium Quality Hair Cutting Scissor fashioned from
Japanese 440C steel and hand finished to perfection.
What more could you want?

The answer should be obvious.  You want a pair hair cutting scissors that are comfortable in your hand, you want the best length of blade on your hair cutting shears.  You want your scissors or shears to look great.


And, you want your scissors to cut the hair like a hot knife through butter.  You want your most important tool to stay sharp and provide quality service for years to come.


Right?  We get that.  Those are the factors we consider when selecting what model of hair cutting scissor we carry.


If a manufacturer is not able to supply us with the quality and serviceability, we find a manufacturing plant that can meet your requirements.


If we get an order of hair cutting shears that don’t exceed our expectations, we insist the redo the order.  If the manufacturer will not stand behind their hair cutting products we drop them like a hot potato.


You are and always be our number one priority! 
Remember we offer a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!